Thursday, April 26, 2018
Martin Hennecke

China key as Trump's America withdraws
The European Union's relationship with the US are undergoing subtle changes, migrating from a respectful one rooted in the latter's defense and trade clout to one seeing proclamations of differences with President Donald Trump.

Germany, with Chancellor Angela Merkel saying Europe must "take our fate into our own hands," was the most vocal. Not far behind was French President Emmanuel Macron. Both countries believe a Trump-led United States is unwilling to fulfill its leadership obligations.

Trump's style has made most EU countries apathetic toward the US and feel they too can act and speak like him.

With the shift in European attitudes, more countries will follow suit.

The biggest question in our region is which country is going to be the leader in the Asia-Pacific region in the future?

That will most likely be China, but Japanese and Indian resistance to that combined with the North Korean headache are challenged.

The biggest loser of American isolationism is not Europe, but Asia.

Whether China can benefit from that depends on its handling of Japan and India. If it fails, the region only becomes more unstable and China suffers.

Andrew Wong Wai-hong is an independent commentator

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