Wednesday, March 20, 2019
Martin Hennecke

Shift in Lo family estate dispute
Vincent Lo Hong-sui, the fourth oldest son of Great Eagle Holdings (0041) matriarch Lo To Lee-kwan, said some of his siblings have joined third son Lo Ka-shui against their mother's decision to dismiss HSBC as trustee of the family trust in a court case.

Lo To held a media gathering last Friday, but only her second son Lo Yuk-sui, and youngest son Lo Kai-shui appeared on that day. Vincent Lo said this was because eldest son Anthony Lo Hong-sui and her daughter Gwen Lo Wai-ki were not at her mother's camp anymore.

Vincent Lo, who is also chairman of Shui On Land (0272), gave an update on disputes in his family's estate during the company's shareholders' meeting yesterday.

He said the disputes arose because some of his siblings urged his 99-year-old mother to file the court case. He said he doesn't want his mother to appear in court at such an old age.

The matriarch filed her application in 2016, claiming HSBC International Trustee had not followed her guidance since that year. The court will start hearing the case on May 29.

Lo said that he believes the truth will come out at the trial, as one of Lo To's maids earlier recorded what she has said. Everyone will have a chance to know what she has said, Lo added.

The family trust was worth as much as HK$8.6 billion in 2013, a court hearing revealed in December. The trust was founded by Great Eagle's founder, Lo Ying-shek with Lo To in 1984. Lo Ying-shek passed away in 2006.

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