Tuesday, July 23, 2019
Martin Hennecke

MPF's top three go the extra mile
Sun Life, Manulife (0945) and Fidelity ranked as the most satisfying mandatory provident fund providers in Hong Kong.

Sun Life has become the fastest growing provider for the past three years, according to Mercer's latest MPF report in the second quarter, while HSBC (0005) and Hang Seng Bank (0011) together showed the largest market occupation as of June 30.

"The market share of both Sun Life and Manulife have increased significantly over the past three years. Not only because of their acquisitions of MPF businesses, but also because a certain number of members have selected their schemes under the employee choice arrangement," said Billy Wong, Mercer's health and MPF business leader in Hong Kong. He added that the top three providers managed to have funds performing well but also offered some other "add-on customer services including financial wellness education and e-alerts."

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