Wednesday, September 18, 2019
Martin Hennecke

HKT bids for faster internet speeds
<p>HKT Trust and HKT (6823) said the upgrade of its wireless networks to 5G would not incur rapidly increasing expenses within the next two years, as the company has reserved money for future capital expenditure in the upgrade. The telecom firm said it had the intention to bid for 3.5GHz frequency band in the spectrum auction in the third quarter after it was assigned with 400Mhz spectrum at 28GHz band frequency last month by The Office of the Communications Authority.</p><p>High-frequency bands above 6 GHz address specific cases requiring extremely high data rates while medium frequencies between 2 to 6 GHz can cover a wider area than high frequencies, according to HKT.</p><p>Meanwhile, HKT demonstrated yesterday 5G application trials using 28GHz spectrum. HKT showed in a technical trial that it only took 14 seconds to download a 2GB movie with a 5G connection but it spent two to three minutes downloading the file with a 4G network. Other application cases included high-quality camera surveillance and streaming television shows.</p><p>Lam added that 5G is featured with ultra-high speed, massive connectivity, and ultra-low latency and could be applied in fields including autonomous cars and surgery.</p>

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