Sunday, April 18, 2021
Martin Hennecke
HKEx Stock Code : 02322 
ĦE 06/11/2007 Proposed Subdivision of Shares and Change of Board Lot Size
ĦE 15/08/2007 High Concentration of Shareholding
ĦE 29/07/2007 Notice of Annual General Meeting and Closure of Register of Members
ĦE 09/07/2007 Announcement of Results for Year Ended 31st March 2007
ĦE 12/06/2007 Clarification Announcement
ĦE 22/11/2006 Interim Results Announcement For The Six Months Ended 30 September 2006
ĦE 28/07/2006 Notice of annual general meeting
ĦE 08/03/2006 Poll results of resolution proposed at.....
ĦE 23/01/2006 Further delay in despatch of circular
ĦE 13/01/2006 Extension of long stop date.....
    Connected transaction
ĦE 03/01/2006 Delay in despatch of circular
ĦE 28/12/2005 Interim results announcement for the six months...
ĦE 12/12/2005 Major and connected transaction.....
ĦE 03/08/2005 Renewal of a Tenancy Agreement
    Leasing Premises
ĦE 28/07/2005 Notice of Annual General Meeting
ĦE 25/07/2005 Annual Results
ĦE 31/01/2005 Continuing Connected Transaction
ĦE 10/12/2004 Interim Resulis Announcement
ĦE 26/07/2004 Annual Results
ĦE 03/06/2004 Announcement on appointment of director
ĦE 24/05/2004 Appointment of Director
ĦE 24/12/2003 Announcement
ĦE 16/12/2003 Notice
ĦE 25/08/2003 Connected Transaction
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