Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Martin Hennecke
HKEx Stock Code : 02388 
ĦE 26/03/2013 2012 Annual Results Announcement
ĦE 16/10/2009 Date of Board Meeting
ĦE 10/08/2009 Date of Board Meeting
ĦE 22/07/2009 Agreement between the BOCHK Group, the SFC, the MA and the Distributing Banks to Repurchase Minibonds
ĦE 01/06/2009 Retirement and Resignation of Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer and Appointments of Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer
ĦE 24/03/2009 2008 Annual Results Announcement
ĦE 10/03/2009 Date of Board Meeting
ĦE 27/06/2008 Publication and Posting of Corporate Communication Reply Slip
ĦE 26/03/2008 Delivering Growth, Quality and Excellence
ĦE 11/03/2008 Date of Board Meeting
ĦE 04/03/2008 Resignation of Deputy Chief Executive
ĦE 24/08/2007 Record High Interim Profit and Dividend
ĦE 23/04/2007 Notice of Annual General Meeting
ĦE 20/04/2007 Notice of Annual General Meeting
ĦE 23/03/2007 Results Announcement
    Committed to Building a Better Tomorrow
ĦE 01/02/2007 2005 Annual Results Announcement
ĦE 31/10/2006 Announcement Financial and Business Review for the Third Quater of 2006
ĦE 30/08/2006 Delivering Higher Profits
    2006 Interim Results Announcement
ĦE 29/05/2006 Announcement Voting Results of Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary General Meeting held on 26 May 2006
ĦE 03/05/2006 Notice of extraordinary general meeting
ĦE 12/04/2006 Connected and Discloseable Transaction Continuing Connected Transaction
ĦE 11/04/2006 Notice of annual general meeting
ĦE 06/04/2006 Announcement Presentation of Past Financial Results on Different Accounting Standards
ĦE 24/03/2006 Appointment of Independent Non-executive Director
    Moving Forward with A Strategy for Broader Frontie
ĦE 05/02/2006 Connected and Discloseable Transaction and Continuing Connected Transaction
ĦE 19/08/2005 Higher profits, more broad-based growth
ĦE 19/04/2005 Announcement
ĦE 13/04/2005 Notice of Annual General Meeting
ĦE 05/01/2005 Continuing Connected Transactions
ĦE 19/10/2004 Announcement
ĦE 20/08/2004 Growth of Core Businesses Brings
ĦE 06/08/2004 Announcement
ĦE 19/07/2004 Announcement
ĦE 24/05/2004 Voting Results
ĦE 12/05/2004 announcement prior to 31st march 2004
ĦE 16/04/2004 Annual General Meeting
ĦE 14/04/2004 Unaudited Financial results of Bank of China
ĦE 13/04/2004 Proposed Amendments
    Annual General Meeting
ĦE 23/03/2004 Growing with Stronger Foundations
ĦE 04/02/2004 Announcement
ĦE 19/01/2004 Unaudited Financial Results
ĦE 16/12/2003 Notice
ĦE 18/07/2003 Announcement
ĦE 15/07/2003 Announcement
ĦE 09/06/2003 Announcement
ĦE 30/05/2003 Annual General Meeting held on 29th May, 2003
ĦE 14/04/2003 Notice of Annual General Meeting
ĦE 03/12/2002 Announcement Connected Transaction
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