Friday, March 5, 2021
Martin Hennecke
HKEx Stock Code : 00998 
Corporate Information
Substantial Shareholders CITIC Limited (61.85%)
Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company (Nominees) Limited (15.67%)
Board of Directors Chang Zhenming (Chairman and Non-Executive Director)
Chen Xiaoxian (Executive Vice Chairman and Non-Executive Director)
Cao Tong (Executive Director)
Zhu Xiaohuang (Executive Director)
Dou Jianzhong (Non-Executive Director)
Ju Weimin (Non-Executive Director)
Guo Ketong (Non-Executive Director)
Angel Cano Fernandez (Non-Executive Director)
Gonzalo Torano Vallina (Non-Executive Director)
Zhang Xiaowei (Non-Executive Director)
Li Zheping (Independent Non-Executive Director)
Xing Tiancai (Independent Non-Executive Director)
Liu Shulan (Independent Non-Executive Director)
Wu Xiaoqing (Independent Non-Executive Director)
Wong Luen Cheung Andrew (Independent Non-Executive Director)
Company Secretary Li Xin
Principal Bankers -
Solicitors King & Wood
Auditors KPMG
Place of Incorporation The People's Republic of China
Principal Place of Business Level 28, Three Pacific Place, 1 Queen¡¦s Road East, Hong Kong
Share Registrars Computershare HK Investor Services Ltd [Tel: (852) 2862-8628]
Company Website
Company Email
Telephone No. (86-10) 6555-8000
Fax No. (86-10) 6555-0809
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