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HKEx Stock Code : 03983 
Corporate Profile
Principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of fertilisers (mainly urea and phosphate fertilisers) and chemical products (mainly methanol and POM).

Business Review - For the year ended December 31, 2012

Production Management

During the reporting period, the Company ensured the safe and stable operation at all its major plants through enhancing HSE management and the refined production management. Hainan Fudao Phase II Urea Plant and CNOOC Tianye's urea plant in Inner Mongolia have all broken their respective records for long-period operation.

The utilisation rate of DAP phase II plant of DYK Chemical had been increasing month by month after the plant went into commercial operation, as a result of ongoing optimisation of its production processes and timely rectification of any problems existing in the equipment performance and production process flow. The utilisation rates of the Company's urea and methanol plants were affected by scheduled overhauls at three principal production plants in Hainan during the first half of the year, and the undersupply of natural gas during the first quarter for CNOOC Tianye's urea and methanol plants in Inner Mongolia.

Sales Management

The Company ensured the sales of its principal products during the reporting period, in spite of the complexities and uncertainties in the market, by strengthening its work in market analysis and prospective judgement and adopting different pricing models based on product characteristics as well as differentiated logistics support measures based on the logistics conditions of target markets.

Business Outlook - For the year ended December 31, 2012

In 2013, the Company will focus its efforts on the following tasks:

1. To continue to strengthen the refined production management, in order to ensure safe, stable and efficient operation of the Company's major urea, phosphate fertiliser and methanol plants;

2. To continue to enhance internal management, optimise allocation of resources at our production bases, and stringently implement cost and expanse control;

3. To fully leverage on favourable export policies regarding urea and phosphate fertilisers in 2013 and properly arrange sales of urea and phosphate fertiliser;

4. To continue to optimise the production techniques of the POM plant in Inner Mongolia, in order to stablize and improve the quality of products;

5. To vigorously advance the construction of the coal-based urea project in Hegang, Heilongjiang, striving to commence trial production in the fourth quarter of 2014;

6. To launch the project in CNOOC Tianye, Inner Mongolia to convert its production from natural gas-based to coal-based;

7. To resolve as soon as possible the dispute with the joint venture partner of the Yangpoquan coal mine in Hualu, Shanxi; and

8. To continue to look out for merger and acquisition opportunities in China and overseas that fit the Company's development strat

Source: China BlueChemical (03983) Annual Results Announcement
Chairman Li Hui Issued Capital (shares) 1,771M
Par Value RMB 1 Market Capitalisation (HKD) 7,013M
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