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HKEx Stock Code : 08061 
Corporate Profile
Engaged principally in the provision of Cable TV, broadband network, broadband Internet access and WiMAX services.

Business Review - For the year ended December 31, 2012

AcrossAsia Group through First Media (a subsidiary of the Company listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in which the Company has a 55.1% interest) and its subsidiaries (collectively ˇ§First Media Groupˇ¨) maintained the growth momentum of their services. First Media Group is the unrivalled multimedia service provider in Indonesia to offer broadband Internet and digital-quality cable TV services through a two-way HFC (Hybrid Fibre Coaxial) network, and the first pay-TV network in Indonesia to offer High-Definition TV programmes. With its major Triple-play services, namely FastNet, HomeCable and DataComm, First Media Group offers a new edutainment and lifestyle of experience and high speed, 24/7 broadband Internet connectivity as well as digital quality pay-TV access to its valuable residential and business customers in Indonesia.

As mentioned before, FastNet is an unlimited high-speed Internet access service offering a variety of connection speeds with smart values and best deals. The service is being enhanced and upgraded continuously. Packages offered currently range from 1.5 Mbps to 30 Mbps (upgraded from 20 Mbps) with minimum subscription fees at Rp350,000 (increased from Rp235,000) per month. With 30 Mbps of unlimited access, First Media Group offers the fastest truly broadband Internet service in Indonesia. It has the unique opportunity to sell premium products to its target customers by leveraging its exclusive access to high-end customer segments. First Media Group also takes care of kids' Internet access needs by providing innovative and content-protected FastNet KIDS packages.

HomeCable now offers a total of 101 SD (standard definition) channels of local and international TV plus 29 HD (high definition) channels covering news, education, movies, lifestyle, entertainment, sports and music channels. Packages offered include HomeCable Family, HomeCable Family Plus, HomeCable Ultimate, Sport Channels and attractive selection packs/add-ons with minimum subscription fees at Rp90,000 per month, depending on the number of channels/selections.

DataComm services provide excellent connectivity and availability for decision making process and business continuity. DataComm continues to serve the demand from corporate customers for high reliability connection using the latest technology of fibre optic cable. The Metro Ethernet technology applied in the network backbone gives the corporate customers the very simple and flexible technology to adapt. Through its DataComm business, First Media Group remains as the market leading provider of high capacity and high speed data communications solutions to its commercial subscribers with cutting-edge technology in coverage of key commercial office buildings and hotels in Jakarta region. DataComm has been the sole network provider to the Indonesia Stock Exchange for its JATS-Remote Trading for over ten years now. As at 31st December 2012, total corporate accounts were 769 and total links were 1,215.

During 2012, First Media Group maintained its focus on improvement of its services and customer satisfaction in order to grow its customer base as well as its new rollout on the infrastructure to cover untapped areas. The results were continued growth of its customer base, strengthening of the dominance of its major Triple-play megamedia services, together with achievement of satisfactory operating results. First Media Group has implemented marketing campaign to promote its service offerings and introduced more channels and packages as aforesaid to meet market needs.

First Media Group's second-phase network coverage expansions are underway. During 2012, it has added over 277,913 home pass to its HFC network. By the end of 2012, its fibre optic cable reached over 4,981 km whilst its coaxial cable network reached over 7,824 km, passing more than 932,800 homes. This HFC network covers major residential and central business districts in Greater Metropolitan Jakarta and other prime cities in Indonesia such as Surabaya and Bali. As at 31st December 2012, the number of cable TV subscribers and broadband Internet subscribers continued their increase trend reaching over 275,000 and over 289,800 respectively. First Media Group is rolling out its new high speed 4G WiMAX service ˇ§Sitraˇ¨ to cope with rising demand for mobile data service driven by affluence of smartphones and tablet devices. The network already covers some prominent areas in Jabodetabek (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi). Sitra is expanding its subscriber base and generating more revenue though the pace was slower than expected in 2012.

First Media Group is also developing new businesses such as Berita Satu channel, film TV and advertisement content. Berita Satu as a news content service provider is broadcasted through the HomeCable with HD broadcast quality. Right after its broadcast, Berita Satu has become the main choice for HomeCable pay-TV network subscribers in searching for the best and balanced information.

Business Outlook - For the year ended December 31, 2012

The Board is delighted with the resilience in Indonesia's economic growth that is mainly attributable to strong domestic consumption and foreign and domestic investment, despite continuous global economic slowdown. The positive trend is forecast to continue in 2013 with Indonesia expected to stay at the top amongst Southeast Asian countries in terms of GDP growth. The substantial expansion and enhancement of AcrossAsia Group's broadband Internet, cable TV and Sitra WiMAX networks and services in 2012 is laudable as that would facilitate higher penetration rates and customer base and pave way for higher growth of the businesses in near future. AcrossAsia Group will continue to optimise its business performance of the expanding networks and Quadruple-play megamedia services while going on to strengthen its revenue streams and financial position.

Source: AcrossAsia (08061) Annual Results Announcement
Chairman Albert Saychuan CHEOK Issued Capital (shares) 5,065M
Par Value HKD 0.01 Market Capitalisation (HKD) 203M
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