Wednesday, January 27, 2021
Martin Hennecke
HKEx Stock Code : 00002 
2010 Interim Report
ĦE 2010 Interim Report
2009 Interim Report
ĦE 2009 Interim Report
Annual Report 2008
ĦE Cover and Financial Highlights
ĦE Chairman's Statement
ĦE Directors and Senior Management
ĦE CEO¡¦s Review and Assets / Investments
ĦE Financial Review
ĦE Business Performance and Outlook
ĦE How do we engage our Stakeholders?
ĦE Values and Corporate Governance Report
ĦE Risk Management Report
ĦE Audit Committee Report, Remuneration Report and Directors' Report
ĦE Independent Auditor's Report
ĦE Financial Statements
ĦE Scheme of Control Statement and Five-year Summaries
ĦE How can you contact us?
ĦE Together, how can we help the community?
ĦE Feedback Form and Back Cover
Annual Report 2008 / Sustainability Report - In Essence
ĦE Cover, Scope of Report, Chairman and CEO Statement
ĦE Stakeholder Engagement, Air Quality, Climate Change, Safety, Community Investment
ĦE Goals and Progress
ĦE Key GRI Performance Indicator, Assurance and Verification

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