Monday, October 2, 2023
Martin Hennecke
HKEx Stock Code : 00023 
2010 Interim Report
ĦE Interim Report 2010
2009 Annual Report
ĦE 2009 Annual Report
2009 Interim Report
ĦE Interim Report 2009
2008 Annual Report
ĦE Cover
ĦE Contents
ĦE Corporate Profile
ĦE Major Milestones of the Past 90 Years
ĦE Financial Highlights
ĦE Five-Year Financial Summary
ĦE Chairman's Statement
ĦE Executive Directors' Report
ĦE Biographical Details of Directors and Senior Management
ĦE Corporate Information
ĦE List of Branches
ĦE Corporate Governance Report
ĦE Corporate Social Responsibility Report
ĦE Report of the Directors
ĦE Independent Auditor's Report
ĦE Consolidated Profit and Loss Account
ĦE Consolidated Balance Sheet
ĦE Balance Sheet
ĦE Consolidated Summary Statement of Changes in Equity
ĦE Consolidated Cash Flow Statement
ĦE Notes on the Accounts
ĦE Unaudited Supplementary Financial Information
ĦE Shareholder Information
ĦE Back Cover

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